Dominant Application

Please fill out this application to be considered for a session with Rococo Royalle. Sloppy or rushed applications will not be considered. Those who share authentic and verifiable legal information (real name, photo ID via email, ect.) are given the highest priority. Allow yourself 15 minutes or more to complete this in detail. You will be contacted by Rococo if and only if she wishes to see you. Applications may be submitted no more than twice per year.

Photo by The Naked Trvth. Paris, 2018.

This information is kept private and only reviewed by Rococo. It is used for safety and legitimacy screening and nothing further. Your private information is held with the highest amount of discretion and respect for your privacy.

This email address will be used for initial screening and booking purposes. If you'd like to include another email address for screening, please do so below.
This information is USED ONLY if you have been seriously injured and require emergency medical or mental health support.
Are You Capable of Communicating Your Boundaries, Needs, and Limits? *
Are You Capable of Reading Your Submissive's Body Language and Respecting Their Limits? *
Do You Approve of Another BDSM or Fetish Worker Being in the Play Space for the Submissive's Safety? *
BDSM / Fetish Interests *
Please check the boxes below that correspond with your interests. You do not need to be experienced to participate in the selected acts, but it is recommended that you detail any relevant skill level or (lack of) experience with said topic in the details section below. Requests for activities not listed are welcome for consideration at Rococo's discretion, but are not a guaranteed service.
Photo by The Naked Trvth. Paris, 2018.

Tributes are required for every submissive application.

Tributes may be sent as cash gifts directly here, and gifts or gift cards may be purchased here. This is your chance to impress, give generously. Applications are reviewed within 3-5 days. See some of Madam Royalle’s indie films and Her likeness on Instagram and Twitter in the meantime.