How do I know you’re real?

I put myself at risk by showing my face. I have various social media in which you can see my selfies, my real thoughts, and my real-time relationships with other providers (see Twitter or Instagram). I have been reviewed fantastically on TER and am working on being verified on similar ad sites (it’s a long tedious process). If that’s not enough for you, ask around. I am friends with many Minneapolis providers who would be happy to vouch.

I don’t want a session, I just want to know the real you. Tell me about ______?

Emails like this will be responded to quite harshly, if at all. My clients are respectful folx who understand the value of my time and labor. I am more than ecstatic to share my life and experiences with those who book me. When you hire me as a provider, you’re paying for access to me and the things I am comfortable sharing. Hagglers and time-wasters who expect this for free will be blocked and/or x-listed.

I’ve never done this before, will you see me?

Yes! I am newby friendly. But this also means that you are going to need to share more personal information with me when booking, as I can’t verify that you’re safe and respectful through other providers who have seen you before. All new clients are required to send their legal name, ID and/or LinkedIn account, and phone number, as a base minimum. Once you have passed my screening process, I will be happy to show you the ropes while we have a fantastic time.

What’s your real name? Where do you live?

Please respect my privacy, as I do yours. Invasive questions make you seem sketchy and up to no good, and are not relevant for us to have a nice time together. On the contrary, they’ll make me uncomfortable and unlikely to want to see you again. Please acknowledge and respect the risk I take to see you and remember that it is inherently higher than yours.

Do I have to screen?

Absolutely. I have to share my legal name and ID to post the ads from which you likely found me. Statistically providers are at far more risk than any client. I will not compromise on any of my screening practices as my safety is far more important than any concern about privacy or discretion you may have. Those who reach out yet refuse to screen will be blacklisted and/or blocked. I do offer public social meets for those worried about sharing personal information online, which you may read about here.

How can you ensure my privacy?

I have worked with high-profile clients from all across the world. I use only encrypted email, have a triple secured phone, and am more than happy to communicate over text using the free and secure Signal app (it’s actually preferred and available on Iphone and Android). Coincidentally, if you are using an open ended email service like Yahoo or Gmail, you’re putting both of us at risk, and I would highly suggest switching to Protonmail or a similiarly encrypted service. (Please see this EFF surveillance guide if you are concerned and looking for resources.) I consider client’s personal information incredibly privileged and would would never share any part of it due to disagreement, personal differences, cancellations, or other minor issues. I will only ever consider sharing personal and/or legal information in situations where my safety has been seriously threatened or compromised by said client or their associated parties (public outing, violence, threats, abuse of any kind, ect.), or to publicly or privately x-list a client (the former in dangerous situations only). If you’re not a violent or abusive client, I can assure you that I have taken every possible measure to protect your privacy as well as my own. If you have any specific concerns, please reach out to discuss them further, but know that I will never compromise my screening requirements. I am here because I want to spend time with you, and henceforth, I want to be able to see you again. Any compromise to your safety would also be a compromise to mine.

Why haven’t you responded to my emails or text messages? Should I follow up?

I work and go to school full-time, in addition to my presence in this wonderful industry. I do not sit at home for hours on end waiting for your email or text message. I try to check my emails every day, but more often it ends up being every couple/few days, and sometimes less frequently when I am traveling. I may take hours to respond to your text, but will, in most cases, respond by the end of the day. I am a low volume provider, but receive a high volume of inquires. Therefore, during screening I prioritize the most articulate emails that contain the most information upfront. Please do not send me multiple follow-up emails, it only makes you seem impatient and pushy. If I want to see you, I will contact you when I have the chance.

Do you do same-day bookings?

Yes and no. Due to my incredibly busy schedule, most of my new and regular clients book a week or more in advance. I can sometimes accomodate travelers or regulars same-day, but it is infrequent. If you are a pre-screened client and would like a same-day booking, you are welcome to try, but don’t be disappointed when I can not accomodate you. Local unscreened clients should not ask for same-day bookings. All good things are worth waiting for, and I’m wholly included on that list.

I’m going to be late, can you wait for me?

You wouldn’t show up a half hour late to your dentist or to a business meeting, don’t expect it to be different with me. I run a professional business and expect you to respect my time and labor the same. I have a busy schedule and often can not accomodate last minute changes. Likewise, those who show up late and can not be accomodated will be considered a no-show, and will be required to pay a 100% session cancellation fee. In the chance that I can accomodate your lateness, the time you miss will be taken from the session total, not added on to the end, and my intial rate will be required. What you miss is your loss. Please plan accordingly.

I’m in ____(City)_____. Can you come to me?

Of course. I offer Fly Me To You dates with serious screened clients. I require a substancial amount of personal information to be sent with the booking form to consider a FMTY with a new client to ensure my safety and time is respected. I also travel internationally. If you can’t afford a FMTY but would like to meet, pre-screen so I have more reason to visit your city, and can contact you when plans are made. I require deposits to book on most trips as well as with FMTY’s, which can be sent by mail or electronically. If you have any further questions, please inquire while screening.

We met recently. Can I use you as a reference to see another provider? Can you recommend someone for me?

Yes! I am more than happy to provide references for all my current or past clients. Please give the provider you are screening with my email, name, and website link and nothing else. My phone number is privileged information and shouldn’t ever be given to anyone without my explicit permission. I also love recommending providers for clients. I know a lot of hot babes and am happy to suggest people that I think you would click with based on your interests, just ask.

We’re in public on a date, how should I behave?

I’m yours when we’re on a date, social or otherwise. Whether you want me as your arm-candy at the bar, secretly holding your hand under the dinner table, or as a business associate at a conference, I’ll blend in seemlessly. How we play the game is up to you. Read more about social outings without private time here.

Are you really a porn-star? Do you photoshop your photos?

A quick peruse on my Ocular Muse page can verify my status as a porn performer. Although I am focusing mostly on creating my own indie content at the moment, my professional work can be found on major sites such as Evil Angel, Porn Fidelity, Abby Winters, and ATK Hairy/ Girlfriends as proof of my spunky character and natural beauty. Most of my still photos have been photoshopped to adjust brightness and correct color but never to adjust the size or shape of my body.

I don’t think I can afford a session. Is there anything else you can offer?

Of course! You can financially support me by buying my five dollar photosets, my self made erotic films (starting at $8), booking me for some public-only social time at two-hundred dollars per hour, or for one of my rotating specials. If that still isn’t financially accessible for you, I highly recommend you reach out to any of the lovely folx on my Friend’s page, many of whom have lower rates than mine. I also accept donations for those who want to support my creative work and independence via giftcards, bitcoin, and direct tips.

Why do you have two names? What should I call you?

When I started off in the porn industry, I filmed under the name Rococo. I created a separate persona for providing called Sadie Prescott because at the time I thought it would be better to brand in a more ‘upscale’ way, and I thought being a porn performer would contradict that. As time went on, I felt like I was washing myself out by performing the ‘refined’ and ‘appropriate’ character Sadie Prescott, instead of being my true, open, weirdo artist self. I decided that I would merge the two and let go of this idea of who I was supposed to be in the industry. I have a handful of clients who knew me from my Sadie days, and I am incredibly open to folx using both names. At the end of the day I’m just me, so it’s not important which is used!

How do you pronounce your name? Where did you get that?

Rococo is pronounced ‘Row - Co-Co’ or ‘Rah-Coco.’ I have also been called Rocky or Coco by people who have a hard time pronouncing it, and I find these nicknames quite darling. I chose my name after taking an art history class in college. ‘Rococo’ was a French painting and design movement that you may recognize by its distinct use of ornate gold leaf, pastel pinks and blues, and decorative accents. It was also known for its theatrically, drama, and lightheartedness, as a movement which embraced frivolity and hedonistic pleasure. Many art theorists and historians didn’t (and still don’t) respect Rococo as a formal art movement because it challenged aesthetic traditions found in highly regarded places like Versailles, along with those related to power and sexuality held by rulers of the time. I couldn’t think of anything better to describe my quirky, soft, and subversive values and personality still today!

How does your sliding scale for people with disabilities work?

I have experience working with people with physical disabilities and have been formally trained in CPR and First Aid. Because every person with a disability’s condition varies, so does my scale and the services I can provide. I can not offer any service that may put someone at serious risk for harm, but am happy to work with clients to navigate experiences that serve them safely. I understand that people with disabilities face many barriers to human rights, income and labor equity, and sexuality, and my goal is to provide companionship that opens doors for individuals that is as accessible and valuable as possible. Due to ethics concerns, I can not see clients with certain or severe cognitive disabilities. If you have a physical disability that effects your ability to make a fair wage, please contact me to discuss sliding scale options.

Do you see ____(Black, older, Muslim, trans)____ clients?

Yes! I see clients of all races, genders, sexualities, religions, ages, abilities, and sizes. I genuinely believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and I love to have the opportunity to meet people from varied and diverse backgrounds. I have experience with people of all genders and body configurations as well. Any specific health concerns that may effect our session should be shared with me in advance, but will not negatively effect how I relate to or see you.

I want to try BDSM but have never done it before, will you see me?

Yes! I am newby friendly and would be honored to guide you through your first exploration of BDSM or Fetish safely. Feel free to share any interests, concerns, or needs with me during screening. I usually discuss BDSM or Fetish sessions with newbies directly through the booking form and in person. The ‘submissive’ and ‘Dominant’ formal applications on my Fetish Connoisseur page are reserved for veteran players, so don’t worry about those right now. Depending on the kind of play you’d like to engage in, I may require more legal or personal information from you so that I can ensure the utmost safety in our meet. Please screen for details.

I have a very specific fetish or role-play scenario, can you do it?

I am very open minded and consider many fetishes and role-play scenes as a Dominant, submissive, or Switch. Please include information about your interests in our correspondence, but respect my time and keep it articulate. Any client who sends a play-by-play script before confirming a booking will be considered a time-waster and be x-listed/blocked. I am a fantastic Switch and actress; please let me have my fun as well by allowing me the flexibility of creating a scene fit just for you. I am also a human and have my boundaries and limits, so please be respectful if I decline your proposition and continue on to find someone who is more fitting for your role.

I saw you in public! Can I say hello?

Due to concerns of outing, safety, and respect for my space, please refrain from saying hello in public. Accept my smile as acknowledgement enough (if I give one) and continue on about your day. You’re welcome to text me that our paths crossed of course; there is no need to be a stranger.

Are you really sick? You look healthy but you cancelled on me.

I have a full time chronic illness that effects many aspects of my life. It is mostly managable, until it is suddenly not. While I apologize that my chronic illness can be unpredictable and that I may need to reschedule our session due to a sudden flare-up, you can be sure that when I am with you I will be fully present. Please be assured that I’m doing all that I can to take care of myself in every way possible to fulfill our shared commitments. I would never cancel a planned date if it were possible, but sometimes it becomes necessary. Cancelling when I am sick ensures that our time spent is never wasted. When I am with you, I want to be my best self, focused on you and nothing else.

I like to party, can I party at your space?

I’m fine with social drinking and will share a glass (or two) with you, but please do not bring any illegal substances into any space I share with you. Although I do not judge those who partake in using illegal substances, I can not accept the risk that you inevitably cause me when you do this in my presence. Any client who comes to a session with illegal drugs or high on hard drugs will be forced to leave and will be x-listed.

You have so many rules, can’t we just have fun?

I have standards, boundaries, and expectations that ensure I see only the best and most respectful clients, and can likewise offer them the most memorable sessions. If you’re not willing or able to take the time required to be a serious client, I wish the best to you and suggest you find someone more suitable for your needs and interests. We have fun when our bases are covered and mutual respect can be shared.