Book my beautiful friends and I together in a once-in-a-lifetime group experience.

Being authentically bisexual/pansexual, you're not only undoubtedly fulfilling your own life-long fantasy, but you're giving me the privilege to fulfill mine, over and over again! Join us for an elegant dinner date with two dames wrapped under your arms, dancing until the sun rises with companions that show you a time more fun than you've had since college, or an intimate bedroom party with champagne, chocolate, and roses. Why not do it all?

Please see providers' sites for details about their services, as some are Femdom/ submissive/ massage/ ect. only and do not necessarily offer all the same services and experiences that I do. Many of these duo partners are personal friends of mine, so I absolutely love having the opportunity to see them, but am always open to duo suggestions with new providers or providers not listed. Said providers must have an ad or website and I expect to be able to contact them directly to chat before our session via phone (preferable) or email.

My standard rates apply for doubles with partners who have higher hourly rates than mine. Luckily for you, I'm currently matching the rates of Minneapolis providers who have lower rates than me.