Hello darling, 

I'm the girl you've been dreaming about (previously known as Sadie Prescott).

I'm the woman at the grocery store who returned your smile before disappearing behind another isle. I am the girl who sat next to you in class and giggled at your sweet love note. I am the friend of yours who had the best advice, and was always there to reach out to. I am the model and porn star you've seen online, and could never dream of having. I'm the thoughtful artist you meet at a gallery, who challenged and taught you. I am the girlfriend who gave you love, support, and intimacy unconditionally. I am all these things and more. 

 Allow me to provide for you. 

Let me soothe your sorrows with my tender and caring touch. Take my hand as I guide you through personal explorations of the body and mind, using my honest and open heart as our compass. Feel me radiate deep inside you and embrace the ecstatic sensation of our joined passion as it pours from our skin. Let me stimulate and arouse you, fulfilling our deepest fantasies, desires, and human needs together in playful and irreplaceable union.

 The Beautiful Chameleon

Be it a calming night spent together at home or a passionate romp out on the town, I am equally enthralled by you. As a creative, easy-going, and flexible young woman, I blend into any private or social setting flawlessly. I keep it elegant and love to dress to the nines when the time calls. You'll undoubtably be the man of the hour with me as your tastefully beautiful guest. With every visit you'll find an endless supply of new gorgeous lingerie, which my tone body will always be flattered by. Being multi-dimensional, explorative, and fun, I also have fetish and costume attire to fulfill your every fantasy.

An Intellectual and Healing Experience

Don't let my stunning looks, varied perversions, or social interests fool you. I'm an intellectual at heart and love to experience this strange and wonderful world in every way that I can. Be it through a book or film, an art, music, or theatre show, a peaceful nature hike, a dinner date, or traveling, I keep myself open to new experiences and am grateful for all that I have. I absolutely love the work that I do and truly believe in it's healing and transformative potential. Not only do I have the opportunity to meet so many great individuals, we're able to learn, grow, and share together, and I find that utterly priceless. 


I can't wait to meet and explore further with you,

your darling Rococo

Photo by Artistic Aesthetic. Las Vegas, 2016.
I love the abstract, delicate, profound, vague, voluptuously wordless sensation of living ecstatically.
— Anaïs Nin


Age: 25 ~ Height: 5'4" ~ Weight: 110 lbs

Bra: 34B ~ Waist: 27in ~ Hip: 35in ~ Shoulder: 14in

Shoe: US 7/ EU 37

Eyes: Blue ~ Hair: Natural Red ~ Tattoos: Multiple

Minneapolis, MN, USA Based

Preferred 411The Erotic Review - Slixa - Eros - Private Delights - Tryst - The Other Board - Escort Ads - 22 Burlington


Photo by Artistic Aesthetic. Las Vegas, 2016.
Photo by Artistic Aesthetic. Las Vegas, 2016.

Come away with me...

Pack me into your suitcase and we'll make every trip a sensual getaway. Let me brighten your dreary work trips, or we can escape the daily grind and explore someplace new. As a seasoned traveler, I can be trusted to get around with ease and total respect for local cultures. With a multitude of interests, I can enjoy a variety of sights, from a casual local pub to a high-end benefit.

Travel for appointments is considered with expenses and a deposit of 50% prepaid. I'd love to see New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, Nashville, and Savannah in the US, as well as Toronoto, London, Tokyo, Prague, Morocco, Rome, Malta, Signapore, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Philipines, and Sweden abroad. Travel potential is never limited to the U.S.. I am passport ready and I have an eagerness to see more of the world! Package rates are also available for trips of more than two days total. I’m more than happy to plan out sight-seeing and accomodations for us as well.

Wander-lusting for of somewhere not listed? Email to discuss your ideas. More great trips on Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


Sweet Musings

Photo by Artistic Aesthetic. Las Vegas, 2016.

"She's slender with beautiful flowing hair. She exuded elegance and smarts beyond her years, and there was something extra and wildly promising between the email lines, a lascivious hint of remarkable sexual gifts. She's fair and lithe, graceful beyond words. She met me with a huge smile as she threw her arms around my neck. She wore a daring white summer dress and her lips were bright cherry red."

"I knew I had found a favorite. She was friendly, taking the time to get to know me and have a relaxing conversation to help me unwind. She is an intelligent and truly amazing person. She takes direction when you give it, but has no trouble running the session when she is asked. Rococo is a beautiful and experienced individual in a petite and beautiful body."

"Rococo is absolutely stunning; a beautiful face with sparkling blue eyes and a radiant smile. However, what's really intriguing about Rococo is her personality and intelligence. Rococo defines herself as a muse on her website - and, if you think back to stories about the Muses from Greek mythology, they are goddesses that provide mortals with inspiration, particularly in an artistic sense. Rococo had a mesmerizing affect on me, as I was enamored with her. Having a wide-ranging conversation with a partially clothed, beautiful woman while drinking a glass of wine is not a run-of-the-mill experience - Rococo is incredibly intelligent woman who can also put someone at ease instantly. Even more noteworthy is her heart. Add compassionate to another of Rococo's many traits."

"Nothing hotter than a smart, independent thinking, expressive woman with skin to die for. She's petite and thin, but has great muscle tone. It really felt like we had known each other quite a long time, and while that sounds cliche, it's spot on- she makes eye contact and speaks in a clear voice that is wise beyond her years. I was immersed to a point of bliss. We laid there for a spell, me breathless, her smiling. She was attitude, beauty, confidence and all the right moves to simply leave you thanking your lucky stars."


Spoil Me

Photo by Artistic Aesthetic. Las Vegas, 2016.

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