submissive Application

Please fill out this application to be considered for a session with Madam Royalle. Sloppy or rushed applications will not be considered. Those who share the most authentic and verifiable legal information (real name, photo ID via email, ect.) are given the highest priority, but those who do may still be considered. Allow yourself 15 minutes or more to complete this in detail. you will be contacted by Madam Royalle if and only if she wishes to see you. Applications may be submitted quarterly.

Photo by 45 Houses. 2017, Minneapolis, MN.

This information is kept private and only reviewed by Madam Royalle. It is used for safety and legitimacy screening and nothing further. your private information is held with the highest amount of discretion and respect for your privacy.

Sexual Orientation
This phone number will be used for confirmation of scheduled sessions the day before or the day of our meet. If you'd like to include a no-contact number for screening, please do so below.
Please select how you would like me to use your phone number. A working phone number is required to send you the address of my location the day of meeting.
This email address will be used for initial response and communication during the screening and booking process. If you'd like to include a separate no-contact email, please do so below.
Please select whether you would like to receive quarterly updates on my tours, specials, and life via email.
This information is ONLY EVER to be used in emergency situations in which you have been seriously harmed and are needed medical or mental emergency help.
Are You Capable of Communicating Your Boundaries, Needs, and Limits *
BDSM / Fetish Interests *
Please check the boxes that correspond with your personal kinks and interests. You do not need to have experience with any of the following to select.
Are Temporary Markings on Your Body Okay (Light Scratches, Bruises, Hickeys, ect.)? *
Are Semi-Permanent to Permanent Markings on Your Body Okay? (Cuts from Knife Play, ect.) *
How Much Money Are You Willing and Able to Tribute While Serving Me? (Please Elaborate) *
Photo by 45 Houses. 2017, Minneapolis, MN.

Tributes are required for every submissive application.

Tributes may be sent as cash gifts directly here, and gifts or gift cards may be purchased here. This is your chance to impress, give generously. Applications are reviewed within 3-5 days. See some of Madam Royalle’s indie films and Her likeness on Instagram and Twitter in the meantime.